Our Spas and hot tubs come with an incredible choice in colour options and accessories so you can customise the absolutely perfect spa pool for you!

From the colour to the cover and the choice of jets, rails, steps and lighting, spas are highly customisable to create the ideal effect in your garden day or night. All our spa pool features and accessories are made to the same high quality standards we guarantee in the spas themselves and are made to be practical, durable and great looking.

 A wide range of shimmering and textured colour options

All our spas are available in all the following colours, designed to add colour and sparkle to the water or to mimic natural materials like stone.

Blue Grass
Caribbean Blue
Midnight Opal
White Pearlescent
Blue Grass Colour
Caribbean Blue Colour
Cinnabar Color
Midnight Opal
Oceanwave Colour
Oyster Style

We supply these, plus many other colours

Some of the feature options of your spa
Besides fitting the high quality acrylic shell, we also fit insulated and highly durable spa cabinets and covers, with a huge choice in different types of air and water jets available.

Insulated spa cover
Included with every model to keep the water free of leaf debris and the water warm, available in a range of colours;

Blue Spa Cover Teracotta Hot Tub Cover Green Spa Cover Brown Hot Tub Cover

Weatherproof wood effect cabinets

The perfect finish giving a finished look and added insulation to keep the water warm in a range of colours;

Hot Tub Cabinets

Air and water jets

Hydrotherapy jets don’t come in just one type, there is a wide variety to choose from and we can recommend the best jets for the most comfortable soak. Warm bubbling water is well proven to increase blood flow, massage muscles and stimulate endorphins; getting the bubbling jets just right makes for the perfect spa experience.

Air Hot Tub Jet Air jet
Produces thousands of soothing and tingly small bubbles
Spas Point Jet Point jet
Ideal for massaging legs and feet
Spa Mini Jets Mini jet
Fitted in clusters to relax the neck, shoulders and back
Hot Tub Micro Jets Miro jet
Produces a V-shaped water jet for extra massage benefit
Spa Disco Jet Dico jet
Great for the shoulders and back
Spa Massage Jet Rota jet
Creates an adjustable rotating massage jet
Hot Tub Jumbo Jet Jumbo jet
The strongest massage for really tense muscles
Hot Tubs Massage Jet Massage jet
Feels like a real hand massage!

Accessories for your spa pool
From handy tables to safety rails, fun inflatables and even spa cover lifters; our range of accessories add to any spa, pool or Jacuzzi and are all quality made, robust and easy to fit! Order accessories anytime over the phone.

Waterproofed CD player
A popular choice to enhance relaxation with music; we can also fit TV sets, radios and multiple speakers!

Spa caddy
The most useful accessory you’ll ever buy!

Cover lifter
Why should anything about your spa be hard work?

Spa umbrella
So even the rain can’t ruin a relaxing hot spa!

Durastep spa steps
Simple and robust sets of steps.

Fish hooks for towels
A simple add-on towel rail accessory.

A solid hand rail for when you get in and out

Toys and inflatables for the kids
Big kids are allowed too!

Floating light show
For the kids, for a party or just for fun!

Made for the spa in a range of shapes and sizes for comfort

No matter what your ideal spa pool is, put it in the hands of the specialists at Spa Pools of Chepstow; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation or provide a mail order service on the accessories.

  • Expert installation work from a qualified team
  • The highest quality standards and finishing
  • Wide choice of accessories and features
  • Full range of cleaning chemicals and accessories
  • Full installation including electrics in just a few hours
  • Quality spas at the lowest prices

“The whole process went very smoothly (including the crane!) Your after sales service has been second to none. Many thanks.”